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8 Holiday Safety Tips

holiday safety

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8 Holiday Safety Tips: Holiday safety remains an issue in Australian households that burns the brightest in November to mid-January. It is when families gather, parties, and travel spikes.

Holidays In Australia

The holiday season is a time of hope and cheer; however, it can also be dangerous.

Many potential mishaps await, from burning candles to exploding fireworks, hazardous ladders, and falling decors. It is essential to follow holiday safety protocols to keep friends, family, and everyone safe this merry season.

Here are some tips to remain safe this holiday season in the true spirit of the celebrations and to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

8 Ways To Ensure Holiday Safety

Be Alert For Fire Hazards

In December, house fires are more common than the rest of the year, destroying properties and causing severe damages. Even something small can become combustible when left too close with a candle or fire source.

To prevent house fires, never leave any heat source without supervision. If possible, ditch the use of charcoal and gasoline-fueled devices indoors.

Decorate Safely

Holiday decoration is one of the best ways to get everyone in a holiday mood. However, emergency rooms in Australia see thousands of injuries from decorating hazards.

To avoid unforeseen accidents and injuries, assemble, clean, and inspect the place. Ensure exits are free of clutter and do not use unsafe accessories, cords, lighting sources, etc. Avoid overloading electrical outlets or cables and ensure holidays lights are in good working condition.

When choosing Christmas trees and other holiday decorations, always opt for non-flammable materials.

Avoid Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a common health problem during holidays, and it can happen to large groups of people.

To avoid rushing to the ER from food poisoning, here are some valuable tips to follow:

  • Practice proper hygiene and wash hands regularly when preparing or handling food.
  • Clean the utensils and the kitchen to prevent the growth of any harmful bacteria.
  • Keep raw foods (meat, pork, and poultry) from those ready to eat. These can potentially spread bacteria to other items and may result in illnesses.
  • Cook the food thoroughly and store them at recommended temperatures.

Manage Stress

Take a break if the stress becomes overwhelming and out of control. Find support, connect socially, and get enough rest.

Monitor Children

Keep potential hazards out of children’s reach, such as small toys, food, drinks, and dangerous household items. Protect them from common injuries such as drowning, burns, and falls.

Have A Fire Evacuation Plan

Make sure that everyone is on board and knows what to do in the event of a fire. Assign an outdoor meeting spot, do some drills, and have safety equipment in the house.

Travel Safety Tips

For people who have plans to travel during the holidays, avoid aggressive and angry driving as more people are on the road than usual. Designate a sober driver on the way home or arrange a cab ahead of time if attending holiday drinking parties.

Keep A Fully Stocked First-Aid Kit

It is always good to have a well functional first aid kit at home and in the car during holidays. It can help attend cuts from kitchen mishaps or accidental burns from lighting the fireworks.


The holiday season is the best time to spend with family and loved ones, not in the emergency room due to a broken bone or burns after receiving an electric shock.

To remain safe this festive season, be sure to follow these eight-holiday safety tips.

We recommend learning First Aid and CPR skills before the holiday season starts. In the event of an emergency, the life-saving skills you learn in a class will be the only source of hope before an ambulance arrives. Take a first aid and CPR certification course near you.

First aid training offers skills and knowledge for attending different emergencies such as burns, bleeding, hypothermia/hyperthermia, choking, drowning, broken bones, and many more.

Book a course today with First Aid Courses Darwin and save lives tomorrow. 

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