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Darwin's #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses


Darwin's #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

Can First Aid Training Be Done Online?

First Aid Training

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Many people can now benefit from a safer and more convenient way to complete first aid training through online zoom courses. Participants now have the option to do 100% online zoom learning at home or anywhere at their own leisure.

Blended online learning is also an option for those who want to do a combination of comprehensive video-based learning and assessment, followed by a shortened practical session.

These new learning formats will cover all necessary skills and knowledge, giving successful participants a nationally recognised first-aid certificate.

How Does Online First Aid Training Work

There is no doubt – online learning is on the rise with no signs of slowing down.

Training providers able to facilitate online learning is perhaps one of the positive things that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. It proves how easy and effective remote learning is for many students.

The new approach to training allows participants to complete 100% of the training via zoom. All can be complete from the comfort of the home, office, or anywhere suitable.

The delivery mode works best for those who previously completed similar training and is comfortable with learning online. It is also open for beginners who can easily catch up with this new training approach.

Students are required to have suitable video conferencing equipment throughout the training. These include a reliable internet connection, a working computer or laptop, speakers or headphones with a microphone, and camera functionality. Using an iPad or tablet also works well for the zoom online course.

The online learning trend opens many opportunities for people who previously had to miss out on first aid training and certifications due to limitations. It may be from lack of time, resources, and accessibility that hinders them from getting certified.

The good news is online learning is now opening up those possibilities in the first aid field.

Benefits of Zoom First Aid Courses

The primary goal of the course is to train students to safely administer basic first aid techniques in an emergency until medical personnel arrives.

Online learning provides accessibility and convenience without compromising the overall lifesaving skills a first aider should possess.

The course covers several topics, including how to assess the victim’s condition (primary survey), perform CPR, and proper wound care application.

By the end of the training, the instructor will ensure that everyone fully understands the content and will be able to put it into practice in case of an emergency. Most students will leave the course feeling confident with their ability to respond should an incident occur.

In a zoom first aid course, the in-depth modules and activities will provide:

  • the confidence to recognise and treat common injuries to life-threatening medical emergencies
  • the skills to offer first aid assistance and CPR before EMS arrive on the scene
  • the starting point for advancing your first aid training to advance levels
  • a First Aid certificate valid for three (3) years upon successful completion.

Complete First Aid and CPR Course 100% Online

First Aid training has been essential now more than ever. Getting formal training from trusted providers ensure the safety of everyone around, whether it is for a work requirement or just a safety precaution.

To adapt to the new normal, a new mode of first aid learning is introduced to the public, including online zoom courses.

Zoom courses are a great way to learn essential lifesaving skills to help anyone in the moment of need.

Face to face training has become one of the challenges of the first aid industry throughout many areas in Australia. To ensure our students can obtain the certifications they need, First Aid Courses Darwin now offers First Aid and CPR courses 100% online delivery via Zoom.

For students who prefer attending in-class or blended learning, we continuously offer first aid courses in many of our locations Australia-wide.

Visit our website to see our course list, whether you are interested in an in-class, online, or blended first aid course

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