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Celebrating International Men’s Health Week 2022

Men's health

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International men’s health week is a perfect time to raise awareness of several health issues that often affect overall wellness in men.

The celebration focuses on promoting awareness of the problems that may arise and gaining the courage to do something about them.


International men’s health week is an annual global event, usually in the middle of June. This year, the celebration runs from the 13th to the 19th, to highlight the importance of men’s health.

The event aims to promote and support the overall health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities.

Currently, men’s health week is being held in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, various European countries, and many other places around the world.

The theme of this year’s men’s health week is “Building Healthy Environment for Men and Boys”, which focuses on developing physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy environments in the home, workplace, and in social settings.

This week-long celebration not only highlights the importance of physical condition but also tackles topics on men’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We put together all common challenges in men’s health and run events throughout the year, in the hope of improving the physical, emotional, and mental health of men and boys.

6 Ways To Improve Men’s Health

Good health is essential for a better life, but there are many obstacles that prevent us from living our best life. We must understand these blocks to be able to overcome them.

Common issues facing men’s health include heart disease, cancer, low testosterone, and depression, to name a few.

By making healthier choices, you can lower the risk and impact of these issues. Here are ways to take care of yourself and live better.

Healthy Food Choices

Start reducing the amount of unhealthy food choices by eliminating them or serving small portions. Ditch fast foods, snacks, processed meat, and highly processed foods that are low in nutrients and high on calories,

Make an effort to eat foods that are good for the health, such as lean meats, fruits, and green leafy vegetables, which are an essential part of a balanced diet.

Get Moving

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among Australian men. Engaging in regular exercises is a good important to prevent heart disease and keep your heartbeat strong.

Regular exercises also help improve and maintain the overall physical and mental well-being of both men and women.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting adequate hours of sleep is essential to maintaining good health throughout your life. It helps lower your risk for serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Experts recommend getting at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night.

Break Unhealthy Habits

Smoking is one of the worst things that negatively affect men’s health. And second hand smoke is just as harmful as first hand smoking, seriously damaging the heart and blood vessels.

Smoking can lead to a wide range of diseases, claiming the lives of nearly 24,000 Australians annually.

Other health-damaging behaviours in men include alcohol consumption and drugs for recreation.

Reduce Stress

Excessive stress can result in unhealthy weight gain, a decline in mental health, a higher risk of heart diseases, and other serious health effects.

It is vital to take stress seriously and take steps to reduce the amount of pressure and anxiety in your life. Eliminate the stressors by identifying the triggers and committing to healthy lifestyle changes.

Regular Health Checks

Preventative health check-ups are essential as they can catch developing diseases early enough to lengthen or even save lives.

Schedule regular check-ups with your doctor and make sure to attend these appointments. Your GP can help monitor and maintain a healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol level in the blood.


The celebration for Men’s Health Week becomes bigger and more well-known every year. And the more people are aware; the more men will feel that it’s perfectly normal to talk about their health issues.

Eventually, these efforts will remove the stigma surrounding men’s health, encouraging them to get solutions instead of pushing them to the side.

You can participate in the celebration in your own little ways. Learning first aid is a good start.

Book a first aid course today.

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