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First Aid in the Workplace: Top 3 Things to Know

First Aid

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First aid in the workplace provides workers with prompt, easily accessible, and appropriate emergency treatment.

In Australia, work health and safety laws require businesses or organisations to provide first aid facilities and supplies, depending on the types of risks, hazards, and the number of employees in the workplace.

Employers must also ensure that there are assigned first aiders that can provide appropriate treatment should a situation arise.

Safety In The Workplace

Many Australian workers spend a large portion of their day at work. On average, a report shows a considerable proportion of long hours weekly or 40.7 hours weekly for both male and female workers.

Similarly, customers, clients, and other visitors also spend significant time in workplaces.

Considering this fact, there is a higher chance of an emergency occurring in the workplace. These incidents may even require first aid intervention, such as out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest (OOHCA).

First aid is a critical part of ensuring workplace safety, and with more workers returning to their respective offices, now is the time to put things to focus.

Providing quick and effective first aid to people who suffer from an injury or illness can reduce its severity and promote faster recovery. In some cases, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are important things to consider to determine the best first aid practices to implement in the workplace.

First Aid Requirements For Employers

Depending on the industry, nature of work, and the number of employees, here are some of the things a workplace needs:

Conduct A First Aid Assessment

Determine the first aid needs of the workplace by conducting a thorough risk assessment.

Once the assessment is completed, review the findings and take necessary steps to place proper procedures in place. Doing this step will help employers identify the minimum level of first aid needed in the workplace.

Developing First Aid Procedures

Keep an up-to-date written first aid procedure for managers, workers, and visitors to follow. These include the location of the first aid kit, the necessary supplies, and how to call for emergency help.

Also, consider these two factors to keep workplace first aid procedures current.

Enough Number Of Workplace First Aiders

There should be an adequate ratio of first aiders to employers. Please see a copy of the Code of Practice here.

Workplace first aiders should have a nationally recognised statement of attainment for completing a first aid course issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Appropriate First Aid Equipment In Place

Whilst is it important to have assigned first aiders; the workplace will also need the necessary first aid equipment. Having essential items in place can help the first aider deliver all necessary treatments for better recovery.

Provide First Aid Training

Assigned first aiders must attend certification training regularly to refresh lifesaving knowledge and skills. Renewal training is also necessary to confirm their competence in delivering first aid intervention.

The renewal training for the CPR component is carried out annually, while first aid qualifications must be renewed every three years.

Get First Aid Training For Your Employees

Equipping employees with the right first aid skills is important in preventing severe injuries and fatalities. And the best way to get the correct raining is to get the services of a trusted first aid training provider.

First Aid Course Darwin has many years of proven experience in providing the right training for employees across different industries. They equipped participants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively respond in emergencies.

If you are interested in a group first aid training course for your employees, contact us to get started.

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