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What is the Role of a First Aid Officer

First Aid Officer

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A first aid officer plays a key role in any organisation by providing urgent care to an injured or ill person until further medical treatment is available.


What is a First Aider?

In Australia, like any other part of the world, a first aider or first aid officer in the workplace is crucial for any business or organisation.

A first aid officer refers to someone who completed the mandatory training in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This helps set out requirements and standards for creating healthy and safe workplaces across Australia.

The same regulations cover all workplaces, including offices, factories, airports, ships, laboratories, and more. It ensures that the environment remains safe for employees and visitors alike.

The key role of a first aid officer is to help a sick or injured individual until full medical treatment is available. Performing simple lifesaving skills can bring incredible positive impact – from providing reassurance to actually saving lives.

First aid also encompasses a wide range of help, from simply applying bandages to wounds to performing CPR.


First-Aid Officer Training

It is of utmost importance for a first aider to become accredited to a certain level required for the workplace. They should have Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) level accreditation and secure a first-aid certificate proving they are trained in providing various emergency responses.

Common responsibilities of a first aider include:

  • Placing a victim in the recovery position
  • Administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • Stopping any bleed using elevation and pressure
  • Use of AED (automated external defibrillator)

First Aid Officers should be familiar with their current workplace’s specific hazards and conditions. Having the right level of training ensures the provision of adequate first-aid resources and maintains equipment in a satisfactory condition.

Provide First Aid training course (HLTAID011) helps equip employees with the skills to handle emergencies to promote overall workplace safety. After undertaking six (6) hours of training, the successful trainee will receive a valid first aid certificate for three years.

After securing a certificate, the first aid officer will be ready to work in any organisation within Australia. The current demand for work first aid officers in the country is high due to increasing occupational injuries every year.

Moreover, first aid officers are expected to attend first aid renewal courses every three years and CPR refresher training each year.


What are the roles of a First Aid Officer in the workplace?

First aiders have a long list of responsibilities they need to manage competently, including:


Quick and calm assessment of the incident

In an emergency, it is the role of the first aid officer to conduct a quick assessment of the situation.

Doing a thorough observation of the scene helps decide the rescue procedures to make sure no one is left behind. The first aid officer also has to ensure everyone remains safe from risks and hazards after an emergency.


Provide professional first aid treatment

The officer is trained to act on all first aid cases, including administering CPR and recovery position, before the emergency medical team arrives.

Every first aid officer should have a fully equipped first aid kit that is regularly checked and is easily accessible in case of an emergency.


Prevent infection

A first aid officer always practices high standards when it comes to hygiene before engaging with the victims. Wearing gloves with appropriate covers will help prevent contact with bodily fluid and other substances.


Provide comfort and reassurance

One best quality of a trained first aider is remaining calm while taking charge of the situation. Understanding what is happening and providing reassurance is important regardless of the situation.

Other additional responsibilities of first aid officer outside of emergencies may include:

  • Assisting managers/employers with first aid assessments
  • Checking and maintaining first aid equipment (such as first aid kits, facilities, etc.)
  • Assist in creating incident reports and investigations
  • If the first aid officer is trained in mental health first aid, they can assist in providing aid in mental crises.

Get Trained

Make it your responsibility to look after yourself, co-workers, and the general public by becoming a First Aid officer in the workplace. Learn how to become one by reaching out to us at courses@firstaidpro.com.au


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