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Why Workers Prefer Online First Aid Training

Why Workers Prefer Online First Aid Training

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Online First Aid training offers many advantages to individual workers and organisations. Workers can choose their schedule, and there is no need to find a specific hour or date that works for everyone. With the online learning option, businesses can avoid work interruptions since there is no need to gather a group of workers at once. While the COVID-19 pandemic still exists, online learning helps protect workers by reducing unnecessary physical interactions.


The Future of Safety in Australia

Australia has mandatory health and safety training requirements for companies, which may vary by state or territory. However, online First Aid training or blended learning is now accepted in most jurisdictions as a way to meet these requirements. There are exceptions for some professions, such as construction workers, electricians, equipment operators (etc.), that must receive practical training. The good news is this new mode of learning/training is now accepted as a replacement for the face-to-face classroom setting.

Online First Aid Training is made possible by having a stable internet connection and video conferencing software (chosen by your chosen RTO). Many Australian companies are now using online learning as an alternative to meet workplace regulations and improve worker safety.


Types of First Aid Training

First Aid training is crucial for a good safety culture. In Australia, an average of 182 workers die from workplace accidents. For that reason, formal training is required in a workplace regardless of the number of employees. Further benefits of First Aid training include keeping health and safety at the forefront of the business, helping avoid financial costs and lost work hours. It also helps in building a reputation as a safe employer and produces happy and productive workers.

Despite its importance, First Aid training is still regarded by some as dull. Workers think this way are hard to engage. Unfortunately, these are workers who are likely to put themselves or their colleagues in unsafe working conditions.

One of the best ways to engage workers with health and safety is Online First Aid and Blended training. Before we proceed, let’s differentiate Traditional learning vs. Online and Blended learning.

  • Traditional learning – instructor-based learning with the student sitting in a classroom and listening to the lecture. Otherwise known as face-to-face learning.
  • Online learning – learning taken and completed online. In other words, electronic or internet learning.
  • Blended learning – a mixture of traditional and online learning approaches.


Benefits of Blended and Online First Aid Training

Here are some obvious benefits of delivering blended and online training in an organisation.

  1. Trainers Meet Workers at Their Convenience

An online first aid course does not restrict workers to sitting in a classroom. Instead, it offers the flexibility to take first aid training at their most convenient time and at their own pace. They can choose which device to use to take the theory part of this course – from desktops to smartphones.

Assessments are taken at a reduced time, and upon completion, your First Aid certificate will be synced with the learning management system.

  1. Learning Preference Accommodation

One of the best things about online learning is it coordinates a variety of mediums. Meaning, your regular course is combined with text, narration, illustration, video demonstrations, and interactive simulations. This mode of learning covers the preference of most students.

  1. Provide Workers with a Sense of Safety

Giving your workers the opportunity to participate in online and blended learning shows that you care enough to invest in their health and safety.

This, in return, will make your employees commit to ensuring your workplace remains healthy and safe, which results in a more productive, efficient, and less costly place to work.


Online First Aid Training for Workers

Does your company implement traditional or blended/online teaching methods?

There are many benefits to learning first aid online. For example, a short theory course done online will not interfere with working hours. The courses are broken down, making them more digestible, memorable, and engaging. Best of all, online learning is user-friendly for a wide range of workers.

Moreover, we live in a technologically driven world. About 81% of people have access to the internet, and an estimated 5 billion have mobile devices. Looking at those numbers, it makes sense to place first aid learning content on a platform many people use every day.

We all know the importance of first aid training and what can happen when it fades. It is the company and business owner’s duty to ensure the safety of its workers. Is Online learning the answer?

Call (08) 8382 4677 to speak with First Aid Pro Training Specialist and click here to learn more about Online First Aid Training.

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