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Get Your Official CPR Certification: CPR Training


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Knowledge is power, and getting CPR certification gives you the skills and know-how you need to save lives.

It is a common misconception that performing CPR is a job intended only for paramedics and medical professionals. False. CPR training is for everyone, and earning a CPR certification has become more accessible to those who want it.

In this article, we discuss the numerous benefits of becoming CPR certified and where to get trained.

Top 4 Reasons To Be CPR Certified

CPR certification is one of the most vital training courses that everyone should participate in.

Sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and other life-threatening events can occur at home or anywhere else. Without care and intervention, a person can suffer permanent brain damage or, worse, death whenever such occurs.

Here are four reasons why everyone should get a CPR certification.

CPR Save Lives

Contrary to what many think, you do not have to be in the healthcare or medical field to save lives in a cardiac emergency. Many people who suffer from cardiac deaths will survive if more people know about CPR.

The chances of survival often depend on the effectiveness of the compression and how fast it can be given to the victim. Urgent performance of CPR allows the blood to circulate throughout the body, providing the much-needed oxygen for cell functioning.

CPR Is Easy To Learn

Learning how to administer basic first aid procedures, including CPR, is not difficult. This procedure consists of very simple steps that are easy to follow and remember. Performing CPR starts with calling EMS and giving chest compressions at a recommended rate with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Once the ambulance arrives, provide them with all the necessary information (time of the arrest, the actions taken, etc.)

CPR classes usually last for a couple of hours, and you can learn all the necessary steps to save lives.

CPR Certificate Provides More Work Opportunities

Another great reason to secure CPR certification is that most businesses in Australia (and other parts of the globe) require it. Several professions, such as teachers, lifeguards, firefighters, babysitters/child carers, and construction workers, may require a CPR certificate to qualify for the job. 

A worker who is CPR certified knows how to recognise emergencies and how to provide lifesaving interventions necessary. Having these skills and knowledge will make you a valuable part of any business or organisation.

Learn How To Use An AED

Not only will you learn how to perform effective compressions and rescue breathing techniques, but CPR training also involves using an AED.

An AED or an automated external defibrillator is a portable medical device that may be used in a sudden cardiac arrest. The device will analyse the heart’s rhythm and deliver an electric shock to the heart to restore its rhythm.

CPR certification is vital, and individuals of all experience levels (students, workers, etc.) should enrol in a CPR class.

Where To Get CPR Training

CPR certification has no limitations, regardless of age, gender, education, profession, etc.

A CPR course is available to everyone, giving no excuse for not holding the certification. With the skills and knowledge gained in training, anyone can save lives in the event of emergencies.

Get CPR training from a trusted RTO, such as First Aid Pro, to ensure employers and organisations across Australia acknowledge your certificate.

First Aid Courses Darwin provides in-person classes in our venues nationwide and zoom online courses for those who prefer learning at home. With just a few hours to spare, anyone can take a CPR course from our venues or from the comfort of their home with only a computer and a stable internet connection.

More information on training and certification is found on our website. For questions or inquiries, call us at (08) 7120 2570 or email

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