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Group discounts apply for training delivered onsite at your office or workplace Training can be tailored to industry needs. Invoicing issued after training is delivered (no upfront costs).

The Provide First Aid course is our most comprehensive and popular first aid course available.
Provide First Aid is the minimum qualification required by the Workplace Health and Safety legislation for the workplace First Aider.
These courses teach the fundamental principles, knowledge and skills to enable the first aider to provide emergency care for injuries and illness, in the home or the workplace.

Nationally Recognised First Aid training courses in the Workplace

What is the minimum first aid requirement for our workplace? How many first aiders does our workplace require on site? Can our staff be trained in one day (5 hours) at our office or onsite? Does our workplace hold the correct First aid equipment? These are just some of the areas that need to be answered when making sure your workplace is compliant.

Workplace Training

At First Aid Darwin we make it simple for you! We offer the most streamlined course delivery which ensures minimum downtime for your staff, while at the same time offering the most competitive pricing available.
Our courses a flexible in delivery and we aim to meet your training requirements.

Anyone who wants to save a life!!!

First Aid Darwin Group Bookings

Workplace first aid courses available

Are your first aid requirements up to date for your workplace?

At First Aid Darwin we offer:
  • Fully accredited and nationally recognised
  • 6 hours Face to Face training & Assessment
  • No online assessments required
  • Pre reading and Quiz required prior to attendance
  • Certificates issued on the same day (conditions apply)
  • Group discounts apply for training delivered onsite at your office or workplace
  • Training can be tailored specifically to your workplace environment and includes instruction relating to anticipated risks, hazards & injuries
  • Training is delivered at your location

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