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Infomation for Ware House & Drivers

First aid requirements will vary from one workplace to the next, depending on the nature 

of the work, the type of hazards, the workplace size and location, as well as the number of 

people at the workplace. These factors must be taken into account when deciding what first 

aid arrangements need to be provided

With regulatory and license requirements standard before employment these training options will ensure you are ready to start work.

First Aid Darwin recommends the Provide First Aid course as the minimum first aid certificate in the workplace. 

If you have never done first aid training before, the Provide First Aid course is the best place to start, to give you the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to step in and assist them, until proper medical attention arrives.

Award issued:

  • Industry Groups:
  • Provide First Aid HLTAID011 
  • Provide Basic Emergency Life Support HLTAID010
  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation HLTAID009

Certificates will be issues at the end of the day after successful completion of the course.

Warehouse Drivers
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Courses that are available.

Why not book a course on line for your next First Aid Training course. Its quick and easy and with our courses there is NO online pre study & testing (basically no homework!)