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How To Renew Your CPR Certificate: CPR Recertification

CPR Certificate

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Having your CPR certificate renewed every year is vital to keeping your lifesaving skills up to date.

The good news is CPR training is now available online, blended, or traditional face-to-face learning. These options ensure that your credentials remain valid while keeping your lifesaving skills current and up to date.

Staying Up To Date With CPR

If you have completed a CPR certificate in the past, well done. But how long has it been since you attended a training or took a refresher course?

When it comes to CPR, the more time that has gone since you last learned the techniques, the more likely you are outdated and have forgotten the steps.

A year after completing the training, you must consider recertification courses to keep your skills refreshed. Regularly updating your CPR certificate benefits you in many more ways. These include learning new developments and techniques and retaining the confidence to save lives.

The current recommendation is to take a CPR renewal course after 12 months.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take CPR Refresher Course

Workplace Requirement

Many jobs across different fields require a current CPR certificate. These include workers in childcare, healthcare, law enforcement, firefighters, and many more.

Most companies and organisations want their staff members to have the training to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy.

Additionally, learning how to perform CPR makes you a more valuable member of your office. It shows that you devote time and resources to understanding how this procedure works. You can also add it as another skill to your portfolio.

Save Lives

The performance of effective and efficient CPR help preserves a person’s brain function during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). This procedure enables you or other bystanders to supply oxygen to an SCA victim – increasing their chances of survival by keeping their blood flow and vital organs alive.

Regardless of how small the chances of you encountering an emergency that requires CPR, it is best to learn this basic lifesaving skill in case of life-and-death situations.

Stay Current

The best practices and techniques in providing CPR can change over time. Even in the past couple of years, the recommended way of performing resuscitation has changed significantly.

Thanks to continuous research and advancement practices of the experts in the field, which help us improve the way we provide CPR today different from years past.

Getting your CPR certificate renewed every year ensures that you stay up to date on the best practices for giving CPR. During the training, you will learn what has changed since your last course and learn how to administer this technique in the current, most effective way.

Build Your Confidence

Facing a medical emergency can be terrifying and may lead to panic for untrained bystanders. But proper training in CPR can provide you with the necessary skills and, more importantly, the confidence to perform lifesaving procedures. That way, you can keep calm and focused in intense situations.

Re-Learn How To Use AED

AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a portable medical device used in sudden cardiac arrest. The device will analyse the heart’s rhythm and deliver an electrical shock to the heart as needed. By doing so, the device can help restore normal rhythm and restore its function.

Thanks to CPR training, everyone can learn about this lifesaving device, how it works and where to find it.

Getting CPR renewal can be done quickly and efficiently in a couple of hours. If your current certification is about to run out, get it refreshed. Now is the time to act before it is too late.

Get Your CPR Certificate Today

Brush up on your knowledge of CPR procedures and proper resuscitation techniques for a wide range of injuries. A recertification course provides you with everything you need to know to provide help or assistance to someone until professional medical help arrives.

In a workplace setting, it is best to ask your supervisors or management about opportunities to renew your CPR certificate. In most industries where many workers require refresher courses, opportunities for CPR classes may be provided by your employers through in-house training or RTOs.

First Aid Courses Darwin offer renewal classes for individuals and groups who want to secure current and updated CPR certificate.

Before your certification expires, visit First Aid Courses Darwin to view upcoming CPR refresher courses near you.

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