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Why Having a First Aider At Work Is Essential


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Every business should have a suitable level of first aiders to cover common injuries and illnesses present in the workplace. A first aider will know how to deal with a medical emergency if and when one happens.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

Accidents and illnesses can happen anytime, not just in big businesses but also in small to medium businesses. Thousands of work-related injuries or illnesses occur every year that result in hospitalisations and even death.

The most common cause is poor manual handling which involves improper lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending at work. This mostly happens in high-risk industries such as construction, agriculture (forestry, fishing, or hunting), manufacturing, and education and health services.

However, it is worth noting that a workplace does not need to be considered as ‘high-risk’ for an accident to occur.

Workplace safety should be a top priority to ensure everyone is safe and healthy at work. Applying best practices will help improve employee morale, knowing they can efficiently complete their jobs or tasks without risking their safety.

By law, employers must ensure they provide adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities, and personnel “first aider” in the workplace. In order to have an adequate number of first aiders, a business should carry out a first aid needs assessment.

Carrying out a first aid needs assessment may seem daunting for some, but it does not need to be. This is to ensure suitable provisions are in place in case of a workplace incident.

Responsibilities Of A First Aider

A first aider is responsible for providing immediate, lifesaving medical care to an ill or injured person. They usually treat minor work-related incidents such as wounds, external bleeding, and common injuries.

There are a few other tasks that are expected to perform as a first aider:

  • Placing an unconscious casualty into the recovery position
  • Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Using an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Bleeding management using pressure immobilisation technique and elevation
  • Keeping a fractured limb in a still position
  • Incident management and patient assessment
  • Arranging for further medical help or other emergency services (calling triple zero 000, fire services, etc.)
  • Make notes and observations on the patients
  • Fill out any required paperwork
  • Provide proper handover when emergency help arrives

Overall, a first aider’s duty is to ensure a victim’s safety before further medical help arrives or prior to bringing the casualty to the hospital. Aside from the general responsibilities mentioned above, first aiders also have distinct roles to play in promoting workplace safety. This will mainly depend on their specific assignment and qualifications.

When it comes to providing first aid, there are three Ps to remember – preserve life, prevent deterioration, and promote faster recovery. Keep this in mind when giving lifesaving interventions in an emergency.

Get First Aid Training

Providing first aid training in the workplace is the best way for employees to learn new skills and gain awareness of common injuries and illnesses at work. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone while complying with the state’s regulations.

First Aid Courses Darwin provides first aid training courses that help individuals and business gain knowledge on how to safely assist in an emergency. The Provide First Aid Course (HLTAID011) is suitable for those looking to learn new skills for professional use or those who want to enhance their existing lifesaving knowledge.

Understanding first aid is crucial in ensuring workplace safety. It is a wise idea for businesses to consider making the worksite a safer place for all by offering first aid training. Get proper accreditation to perform CPR, basic care, or first aid cover in a workplace setting.

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